Heatherale Grozet Gooseberry & Wheat Ale

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This was part of a pack of 4 beers, all made with a different unique element in place of the hops. This was Scotlands way of thumbing their nose at the English, whose brewing laws demanded that everyone in the UK use hops to brew beer. Ah, those pesky scots. This particular ale uses gooseberry in place of hops.

The beer is very fragrant, floral and, of course, has a strong gooseberry flavour. It gets a little bitter on the aftertaste, but not like hops. Overall it’s pretty good but I found it a little too light and lacking in structure. A fun beer that I wouldn’t drink that much, and that was way too expensive (basically since it came in a gift pack from liberty). However, I still look forward to trying the other 3 beers as this was certainly a fun and unique experience.

$6 at Liberty

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