Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Brune Special Brown Ale

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Despite my previous post, this is actually a dark triple ale – and I think that’s maybe what gives this its unique character and style. The Abbaye D’Aulne is a moderately sweet brown ale at 9% abv with slightly metalic floral aromas (although in a good way, at least for me). It’s not as great as the Koningshoeven, but it is great for a basic brown ale – it’s smooth and not overly carbonated – so it’s easier drinking than many Belgians. I feel like this will be a love it/hate it type of brew since its flavour profile is pretty unique. But, for me, something unique and complex is usually what I’m looking for, so I find this to be quite a nice beer.

Very Good+
$10 / 750ml Bottle in Seattle

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