Beni Di Batasiolo Barbera D’Alba Sovrana 2005

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Today was another pasta day, which called for another simple rustic Italian wine. I chose a Barbera D’Alba from Beni Di Batasiolo to match my Fettucine con Osso Buco made with a light parsley mushroom sauce. Barbera D’Alba is located in northeast Italy in Piemonte nestled between the Barolo and Barbaresco regions, and generally produces relatively inexpensive and yet ageworthy wines. I usually like to go to Barbera to pair with simple Italian dishes because it has depth and a high level of natural acidity without being overly complex or tannic so as to conflict with the simple flavours of Italian cooking. So, on to the tasting…

This is a simple but quite tasty wine with a nose largely of burnt hay and smoky barnyard. The palate consists of sour cherry, very slight cassis flavours, a tinge of earthiness, and barnyard. The firm acidity holds up well to food and the simple finish is none the worse to wear when coupled with a tasty pasta dish. Overall, a good value and proof that the Italians know how to make fine and tasty simple wines.

Very Good
$25 at BCLDB


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