Binchoise Biere Speciale Belge

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A little trip down to Brewery Creek beer and wine store on main street brought forth a bunch of beer that I have not seen elsewhere in Vancouver. I will have a special updated Pacific Northwest Beer tasting note within a week or so, but I thought I’d start off the reviews with this little Belgian beer from Binchoise. Now I’ve had many from Binchoise, including their tasty Speciale Noel ale, but I’ve never seen this anywhere before. As seems to be the trend in Vancouver, the beers the BCLDB doesn’t carry are so much tastier! This was a great find.

The Biere Speciale Belge is very floral and slightly metalic in taste. It also has a strangely pleasant sea-shore like odour that is extremely subtle but also a nice level of complexity. This is a smooth and easy drinking Belgian and comes in at only 5% ABV. A tasty, although expensive, way to froth up the evenining.

Very Good+
$5 at Brewery Creek

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