Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2006

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A while back I reviewed the Cloudy Bay Sauv Blanc, giving it an excellent rating and noting that the winemakers behind Cloudy Bay had started another project. Well, this is that project. Dog Point sports an interesting spikey logo on the simple label which connotes some of the spikey character of the wine. I picked this up on a trip to Toronto at the LCBO for $22 – a steal. For some reason it is $11 more here in Vancouver and I think I’d rather go for the Cloudy Bay for $2 more.

This good value gem is like eating a juicy grapefruit on a bed of fresh cut grass on a fresh spring day as your new kitten comes by and pees on your leg. If that description doesn’t get you hankering for a sip, what will! The wine has decent acidity but doesn’t need to be consumed with food. The texture is silky and yet has a tangy freshness that keeps the mouth awake. The clay-like flavours are subdued, and while the wine has a tinge of cheap sauv-blanc-ness to it, it rises above the regular with its structure, texture, and finish. Plus, the nose is just entrancing.

Very Good+
$22 at LCBO, $33 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars


  1. Anonymous
    September 27, 2008

    Here’s one I’ve had! We sell it by the glass at the restaurant that I serve at. Well described. It was one of the first wines I tried when I started working there, and so began a huge growth in appreciation. I smelled an unmistakable aroma of cat urine, and thought I was crazy. Did any else notice this? Apparently, every does. I always pair it with a rotating Hawaiian fish dish, served over an artichoke puree, with a prickly pear juice emulsion.

  2. Shea
    September 27, 2008


    Interesting pairing. I always find artichokes particularly difficult to pair. One successful dish I had was fresh artichoke on top of seared salmon paired with gigondas. Amazing combination. Never tried artichoke and SB, though.

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