Luis Perez Monastrell 4 D.O. Bullas 2005

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Monastrell is a Spanish grape that in this case grows in the Bullas wine region in south eastern Spain near the city of Murcia. For many years wine experts thought that Monastrell was the same grape as Mouvedre. Now, genetic tests have shown the two varieties to be different. So, there is actually little known about Monastrell as a distinct grape since this discovery is pretty new. However, this is a pretty thick skinned grape that is quite dense and flavourful. This particular wine is a Parker favourite (rating at 92 I think), so keep in mind his preference for big, bold and up front wine.

The nose on this 100% Monastrell wine was candied cherry, red licorice and roasted herbed red meat. The palate continued the candied cherry trend and was generally a big fruit blast with a hint of pepper, sourness and fertalizer. This is big and flavourful, but it is also sort of artificial tasting. I much prefer my wines to taste like fresh cherry and not candied cherry. Some may enjoy this, but for me it was distinctly on the upper end of average.

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