Ledson Merlot 2000

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I may be remiss in the lack of updates, but this is not related to a lack of wine consumption. Hopefully today’s posts will catch me up slightly with my bad habit.

Ledson is a boutique winery in the Sonoma Valley with a chateaux-like structure posing as their port of call for the wine hungry tourist. Nothing they make can be bought outside the winery. Needless to say, I bought this on a trip down there about a year ago. Luckily, they also produce some stylish and flavour-packed wines.

The 2000 merlot was very elegant and had red berry, cassis and chocolate on the nose and palate. I also felt a small amount of very well integrated oak when sipping this soft and plush merlot. Finishing with medium length, I also noted a touch of residual heat. It is true to the softness of California merlot, but it is not bloated. It may lack somewhat in the acidity department, but Ledson still managed to produce a very likeable merlot.

$40 USD at the winery


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