Lagar de Cervera Albarino 2005

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Having tried a relatively cheap Albarino a few months ago and not loving it, but realizing its potential, I resolved to try more Albarino varietals in the future. This is my next attempt, but I have yet to be convinced that Albarino is a worthy white grape.

I found this Rias Biaxas wine to be fairly reserved. The citrus was subdued and coupled with some savory herbal elements that yet did not bring the wine into the territory of deeply layered flavour. I also found it to have a bitter component that did not do so well on its own. However, when paired with Oysters (I shared several dozen with some friends) this Albarino gained poise and complemented the various creamy, briney, and succulent sea flavours of some great BC oysters (I pitty those of you who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest). However, I still felt that another white would have worked even better and so Albarino remains on my oddities list. I will certainly try another in the future.

$25 at Marquis


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