Pierre Gaillard Cote Rotie 2004

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Northern Rhone produces,in my opinion, the most elegant expression of syrah found in the world. While I love syrah from all over the world, the Northern Rhone is for me the shining light that many years ago really opened my palate to the complexities of flavours besides fruit. Gaillard is one of the ‘gang of four’ top producers in the Rhone, so I was pretty excited to finally try out one of his creations.

This 04 was spicy, dusty, peppery and floral. The acid levels are pretty high and tightly wound. However, with air this evolved into a well balanced, earthy syrah with undertones of fungus. Sour earth strawberry (fresh and dried). Other red berry flavours open up with a few hours of decanting. The finish was long, big and bold. Good, but not worth full price.

Very Good+
$70 ($50 on sale) at Marquis


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