Kestrel ‘Kestrel View Estate Vineyard’ Syrah 2003

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Produced in the famed Yakima Valley of Washington, this syrah bucks the trend and comes in at 13.8% ABV. I find Syrah from WA can be a bit too rich and creamy for my tastes. However, Kestrel offers quite a different take on Syrah from some of the other producers.

Wow – syrah rarely tastes this good for $40. That is, if you like a brambly, southern Rhone style or Languedoc style version of syrah. While this had greaty purity of fruit, it did not come across at all like California syrah or Australian Shiraz. Rather, it had a rich peppery, scorched earth, dark fruit palate with blueberry and mocha notes. Ending with a 30 second finish, this had nice balance, was amazingly well rounded, and simply delicious. A perfect pairing with a simple cheese pizza.

$40 at Everything Wine


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