Mount Horrocks Watervale Riesling 2007

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More catch up – and another Aussie, but this is of a very different ilk than the Glaetzer. I drank this when it was a lot less cold outside. Clare Valley riesling is, unfortunately, a sort of lost treasure in Australian wine. Critics and wine geeks love it, but it is hard convincing the average wine drinker to have a riesling. I know too many people who drink ‘only red’ or ‘hate sweet wines’. ‘But it is bone dry!’ I protest. If you pair this with asian food, though, you might win a few over.

The nose was classic petrol and lime and pleasantly aromatic. The palate was round and full with lime and sour grapefruit and a very long finish. Extremely full bodied for a riesling, I also detected fascinating notes of brine and river stone. Very very nice stuff and an alternative/comparative to Grosset.

$40 at Everything Wine


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