BR Cohn Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

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This is the kind of wine that I feel probably gets a bad rap from people, and for some reason may be disliked. There is something to its ‘thereness’ (or lack thereof) that speaks of a wine that doesn’t speak much at all. This is not to say that we aren’t looking at a pretty good wine here. In fact, I believe this is not only enjoyable, but a great bargain buy. Nonetheless, when I picked up the classic notes of mint, cedar wood and blackberry on the nose I could not help but feel somewhat lost in situating this wine in a time and place. It just somewhat stood adrift.

Concentrated blackberry fruit on the palate, and a distinct cleanliness that was bright and fresh, this is an extremely well made Cabernet Sauvignon for $15. The balance is right and the flavour is full and direct – so despite my ruminations above, I still have to recommend this as a solid, clean example of good bargain wine making. From blended purchased Sonoma fruit (vs. Cohn’s estate wines).

Very Good
$15 at K&L


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