Sbragia Family Vineyard Gamble Ranch Vineyard Chardonnay 2006

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I picked this up on the recommendation of Sean over at Vinifico, who informed me that Sbragia was the former winemaker at Beringer who had broken off to set up his own little operation. This was certainly a huge Chardonnay and I actually think Beringer is now more restrained than what is coming out of Sbragia.

Here we have a nose of buttery apple, citrus, banana, and vanilla-hazlenut. The palate is very opulent and certainly in the Beringer Napa style: plump, thick mouthfeel and squarely in the ripe and buttery camp. A very long finish caps this off as a perfect example of the big malolactic-pimped out cali style. If you don’t like that, don’t drink this. If you do, this is a good example. 15.5% abv.

Very Good to Very Good+
$33 at K&L


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