Mer Soleil Chardonnay 2006

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Made by Caymus and produced with fruit from the Santa Lucia Highlands, which are just east of the Monterey Peninsula, this Chardonnay is all about showing what California style can do. Not only was the colour an absolutely stunning rich golden hue, but the nose was expressive with big tropical fruit like pineapple and coconut, coupled with minerals and toasted caramel. The palate was where this wine really excelled, though. While many California Chards can have an overly buttery texture, or an incredible amount of ripeness that often covers over some of the more interesting flavours Chard can produce, this particular wine was incredibly layered – beyond what is normal for the California style.

I found toasted nuts, pinepapple, vanilla, papaya, coconut, and an edge of minerals. But this did not come all at once. Rather, the toasted nuttyness approached at first, turned into a beautifully layered mid-palate of vanilla and tart tropical fruit, and ended with a minerally finish. This is structured with depth, and filled with intensity – and, available in BC. I promise I will get to the last Napa profile.

Excellent and Highly Recommended
$35 at K&L ($45 in BC)


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