Russian River Redemption

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It seems I’m on a bit of a beer run these days – I suppose leading up to American Craft Beer Week next week: a Congressionally declared event no less!

This particular beer is one of Russian River’s basic offerings, although it doesn’t quite live up to their other great everyday beers such as Pliny the Elder or Damnation. This is a Belgian blonde style ale that is actually a bit more lager-like than I expected. It tastes like citrus fruits and bread, with a little apple to round it out. There is a small hop kick and some herbs on the back end too.

This is very simple, but well made, well carbonated and good with food. My rating below reflects my attempt to be ‘objective’, although if I relied entirely on personal preference I would rate this lower since it’s not so much my style.

Very Good
$8 / 750ml at Ledger’s Liquors


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