CARM Grande Escolha 2003

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Portuguese wine always goes unnoticed, and for no good reason at all. I’ve mentioned this before, but Douro dry reds can really be quite stunning and it’s a shame not too many people indulge in their power and finesse. This wine came from the hot 2003 vintage which produced many overly alcholic wines across Europe, but in Portugal both the ports and the dry reds of Douro faired very well indeed.

The nose on this gem was all balance straight on the attack: I got wood, cassis, and blackberry jam on top of nice grip and excellent concentration. While this is a full mouth-coating wine, it is also not over-extracted nor does it have pronounced glycerin. Indeed, there is even a slight salty side to this eminently drinkable wine. Pair it with a great goat or sheep’s milk cheese from Portugal or Spain and you will realize the unique approach that Portuguese wine brings to the fore.

$40 at BCLDB (Purchased for $28 on sale)


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