Beckmen Block 6 Syrah 2004

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IMG_3532I picked this up on sale at Marquis with delight – you don’t often see a producer as good as Beckmen at a reduced price. I visited this winery a few months ago in Santa Barbara and was very impressed with their three higher end syrahs. This is, perhaps, the best of the bunch and is selected from the ‘best block’ of the superb Purisima Mountain Vineyard.

This nose was beautiful with leather, plum, fig, chocolate, and dust in an almost Rhone meets Napa kind of way. The palate was explosive: plum, chocolate, dusty earth, and a fair amount of game. This elicited many “omg” moments when I sipped this with friends and a hearty dish of moroccan braised lamb that I prepared for the occasion. This is my perfect syrah and shows why this grape is so undeniably awesome.

~$60 @ Marquis (on sale for a lot less)


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