Domaine Tempier Rosé 2007

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IMG_3518Rosé has become one of the new hip wine geek beverages of choice in the summer – but us nerdly types tend to eschew the overly sweet offerings that popularized rosé with the pop and over-sweetened cocktail crowd. I actually had this wine about a month ago on a very hot day, but given the recent blip of late summer heat we’ve been experiencing this weekend in Vancouver this review is apropos.

Domaine Tempier is from Bandol in southern France and is known for their stunningly dense mourvedre wines. Tempier mourvedre can take on heavy smoky characteristics, and very dense blackberry and cigar aromas. It’s not the sort of wine that makes you think of summer – and at first glance you certainly would not associate the mourvedres with anything rosé.

Fortunately, Tempier has been honing the art of the rosé for quite some time now and have managed to put together one of the best examples you can find. This, however, is not a dry and mineral driven rosé like you would find from Lirac. Instead, there is plenty of fruit, a touch of residual sugar, and density that is uncommon for the pink stuff. And, all of this while maintaining freshness and a summer-friendly vibe.

The nose on this had lots of melon, and light red berries. The palate was fairly rich with honey dew, nectarine, apricot, and strawberries with a hint of minerality. This is very nicely integrated and balanced, and, while slightly off-dry, is also crisp, clean and refreshing. On the finish the wine expands to include watermelon and rose petals: a delightful combination of flavour for perhaps the nicest rosé I’ve yet had. But be prepared for the richness of this wine – if you want a lean acid driven rosé look elsewhere.

Very Good+
$40 at Marquis


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