Quinta do Crasto Vinha Maria Teresa 2003

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Marquis1My day started blue – a nicely bruised toe from the first blunder in a chain of bad luck that would not abate for the entire day. We’ve all had rough days, blue or otherwise, and our common ability to get through them is a testament to human tenacity. But usually it is the comfort and kindness of another that truly allows us to prevail. Well, that and a nice bottle of wine.

After perhaps the worst day I had in a year I realized it was no longer appropriate to keep a very special bottle of Quinta Do Crasto Vinha Maria Teresa 2003 corked until the originally planned date. No, there is nothing like a really bad day to demand a really good wine – shared simply with comfort and sympathy from a loving partner.

The wine, by the way, was gorgeous. With a nose of big blue fruits that smelled like the earth, freshly crushed and perfectly ripened black plums, a sleek and sexy mocha infused espresso, and a bit of butterscotch drizzled on top of a sweet cherry pie, there was no doubt in my mind that the healing had begun. And, as I was feeling somewhat philosophical at the time, I was thinking of some of my favourite works of literature and of how arduous times can become paths towards an unexpected future.

Luckily, my next sip of this lush purple juice promised great things: a palate like a big plush blanket of stewed cherries, butterscotch and crushed blackberries dripped over river stones and intense, minerally earth. This wine was an impressive pairing of power and elegance with a nearly eternal finish. With the density and concentration of a port, but the light footed elegance of a Bordeaux, this symbolized precisely how I hope my future will play out: passion and grace. If all good wine and good company could accomplish this goal, we’d scarcely venture outside of the confines of our epicurean fantasies. All in all, a perfect curative for an awful day.

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  1. Joon S.
    October 12, 2009

    Hey Shea,

    Sorry to hear about your terrible Saturday. I hope the wine and the passing days have made things better!

    Joon S.

  2. Shea
    October 12, 2009

    Oh it did!

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