Ott ‘Der Ott’ 2005 Gruner Veltliner

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IMG_4156Isn’t Gruner a wonderful thing? So versatile, deep, and, importantly, acidic. And all for a fraction of the price of better known wines. Why would you ever pay $35 for a mediocre New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc when the same price can get you an exciting and challenging Gruner from Austria? I suppose that is a lesson in marketing.

This wonderful wine from Ott was exactly what my mushroom pancetta pasta ordered – a big full nose of mushrooms, apple, and a hint of honey. The palate had great acidity and lift, and a good dose of complexity with earth, nuts, mushrooms, apple, minerals, pepper and a drop of honey on top of it all. This is an impeccably balanced wine with a long and smooth finish, and a good dose of richness that prevents the acidity from going over the top. A superb Gruner, and a great pairing wine.

Very Good+
$32 at Marquis


  1. Edward
    November 13, 2009


    I’ve only tried the OTT Fass 4, but thought that was terrific. I had a handful of Austrian wine last night, and am still stunned by the quality and vitality. Spent most the morning searching the net for some to buy. . .Is there a good supply of Austrian wine in Canada?

  2. Shea
    November 13, 2009


    I would say there is ‘some’ supply, not ‘good’ supply. Luckily there is some supply of various good producers here in Vancouver. I do wish there was more variety, though.

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