Tardieu Laurent Cote-Rotie 2001

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IMG_3701I’ve written about Tardieu Laurent before, a negocient who has contracts with some very special growers, and who tend to produce very high quality wines across the spectrum. Many seem to believe that their two Chateauneuf wines are what they do best, but I was very pleasantly surprised with this Cote-Rotie, which I picked up on discount for less than $50.

As Spike Lee would say: a wine with game. The nose on this was meaty, with coffee, violet, blackberry and fresh cut flowers. While I did find this to be very gamey on the nose, the wine cut the game with herbal notes such as basil, along with the aforementioned flowers. The palate, again, had a big gamey character along with smoke, blackberry, and coffee. A swish around the mouth revealed medium viscosity, and lively acidity that brought out the freshness of the fruit. Integrated and long with fine tannins – a wine to drink now. I enjoyed this so much I wondered why it was on sale. I’d imagine a high price for a wine without an extraordinary score from a “classic” as opposed to a “blockbuster” vintage might be part of the answer.

$70 (~$48 on sale) at Marquis


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