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A highly respected U.S. Wine Magazine is holding a fundraising event for Haiti that involves donating a bottle of wine to auction.

From their website: “Brother, can you spare a bottle? Can you pull something special from your cellar, a bottle you’ve been saving? Perhaps you will contribute the bottle you were saving for Open That Bottle Night. Or maybe next time you’re at the wine store you will pick up an extra for us.”

The auction will be held on line, in the comments section of the Palate Press post on the auction. Palate Press will auction the wine in cases, as they arrive.

If you are interested in contributing, please go to the Palate Press website and post your donation in the comments.

This is a great idea and hopefully all my U.S. readers will contribute. Of course, in Canada, our arcane liquor laws make it illegal to hold private auctions for wine so we aren’t allowed to raise money for Haiti in this fashion. That’s right, charity fundraisers based on wine or spirit auctions are illegal in British Columbia unless run by the government or a government agent. Let’s all thank the government for making private charity fundraiser auctions pretty much impossible.

In the meantime, head on over to Palate Press and check out their efforts.

UPDATE – Local BC Efforts in the wine industry to raise money for Haiti (click for details):

1. Regional Tasting Lounge fundraiser

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