Le Fole Campania Aglianico 2007

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Beautifully elegant fruit driven biodynamic wine with Italian earthiness, food friendliness and tradition for $22. That’s what you get with this brilliant bottle of Aglianico from Campania in southern Italy. Whereas many highly regarded Aglianicos grow in the volcanic soil of Mount Vulture, I tend to prefer the softer tannins of those grown at lower altitudes in Campania.

This is a unique Aglianico in that its strawberry, charred meat and smoke are only secondary to a massif rock of pommegranate intensity. There aren’t many wines out there that taste like the seedy fruit, but this is a dead ringer. Balanced and long, this is honestly pretty incredible stuff if you like fruit driven wines. That you get this much flavour from a wine so balanced and sitting at a modest 13% ABV is astonishing. There may be more complex Aglianicos out there for 3-5x more, but I haven’t had many that beat this for honesty and value.

$22 at Chambers St. Wine in NYC

Imported by Louis/Dressner Selections


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