Meyer Family Vineyards Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir 2009

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While I rarely write about BC wine, I do strongly desire the local industry to grow and develop into a region we can all be proud of on international standards. I first tasted Meyer Family Vineyards’ wines about a year ago at TasteBC. I was impressed then and they are now one of the BC wineries I enjoy watching develop. So far both the quality has increased and the price decreased from when they first started making wine and thus they are moving closer to the sweet spot where most BC wineries should be aiming.

This entry level Pinot Noir is a quaffing wine, but quite a tasty one. It is very fruity with rich cherries and strawberries, but maintains good freshness. The tannins and alcohol give the wine a bit of an overbearing weight in the mouth considering the freshness of the fruit, but so long as you don’t mind a heavier texture in your pinot, you will likely still enjoy the experience. I do find the alcohol a bit unbalanced in the finish and the wine is pretty straightforward so you shouldn’t get into this expecting a lot of complexity. But, this isn’t what the wine is about anyway; and I suspect the balance and texture will improve with another year of bottle age. This is, rather, a good easy going BC Pinot that is definitely worth a look. On my taste-o-meter it scores above many wines you can buy for the same price.

Very Good
$25 from the winery


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