Spotlight on Alsace: Domaine Weinbach Gewurztraminer Furstentum “Clos des Capocins” Cuvée Laurence 2004

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The name Weinbach is synonymous with both very high quality and very high prices. Weinbach has been directly responsible for me resdiscovering a number of Alsatian varieties like Muscat and Pinot Gris that I never thought I could enjoy. As such they do hold a special place in my heart. That said, sometimes I am concerned that the price of entry is so high.

A Special Grand Cru Vineyard

This Domaine Weinbach Gewurztraminer finds its way into the bottle from grapes grown in the famous Clos des Capocins vineyards situated between the towns of Kientzheim and Sigolsheim, just south of the Grand Cru Schlossberg in Furstentum. Unlike Albert Mann’s Furstentum Gewurztraminer, the Clos des Capocins vineyards are on a lower elevation portion of the vineyard that Weinbach thinks produces particularly special wine. It is not only a special vineyard but is the heart of the Domaine where the family house and occupants reside.

Opulence and Finesse

Whether it is the site or the winemaking, this Gewurztraminer is a decided step above the Albert Mann Grand Cru. The wine offers a complete explosion of tropical fruit aromas like pineapple, guava and grapefruit. The complexity of the palate is extremely impressive and, despite the massive fruit and opulence, there is a fair amount of minerality present. Balanced and extremely expressive, the wine somehow combines huge opulence with subtlety and finesse.

$90 at Marquis


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