Alphonse Mellot Edmund 2006

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Today’s simple note is to highlight a producer that quietly makes wine that lives up to the hype and prices of the famous region in which it is made: Sancerre. While the labels are modern and suggest flash and pizzazz, in the bottle are wines made from some of the only fully hand picked grapes in Sancerre. This particular wine is made from 60+ year old vines and is quite rich for a Loire Valley white – but the acidity balances the wine well.

I admire Mellot’s wines for their precision and obvious attention to detail. All of the grapes are of outstanding quality and this (his top Cuvee) has a combination of accessibility, pure exuberance and extreme structure that is uncommon in many white wines, particularly in Sancerre, which often leads to wines of either excessive exuberance overly austere structure.

On a limb I paired this with artichoke stuffed ravioli covered in pesto – which worked incredibly well.

These sell out pretty quickly when they arrive in Vancouver, so I advise you pick one up if you see it, it is well worth the money.

~$80 at Marquis


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