Spotlight on Alsace: Albert Mann Rosenberg Riesling 2008

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This is my kind of riesling. It seems that superb fruit isn’t limited to the Grand Crus. That, of course, also means that this Rosenberg riesling is a very good price. So far the Albert Mann wines have been a bit inconsistent in quality, more based on their balance than on the quality of fruit, but this riesling stands out not only as very well balanced and tasty, but also adept at pairing very well with a wide variety of foods. I paired it very successfully with brie, crab and asparagus stuffed coho salmon along with honey and mint glazed baby potatoes.

Rosenberg is a young vineyard, with less pedigree than the greatest sites, which tend to be Grand Crus. Nonetheless, it seems to offer tremendous potential, giving wines of sweet fruit and clean minerality. The wines tend to have a small amount of residual sugar, which is definitely present in this still fairly dry riesling. I personally find this balances the wine much better than some of Mann’s other rieslings.

I’ll conclude this short note by saying this is a very accessible wine that would be a great introduction to high quality Alsatian wine. I highly recommend it to both Alsace lovers and those looking to begin exploring what the region has to offer.

$45 at Marquis Wine Cellars


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