Spotlight on Alsace: Domaine Zind-Humbrecht Clos Hauserer Riesling 2005

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That’s right, this spotlight is still putting along, but it is delicious putting. Zind-Humbrecht seems to elicit controversial feelings amongst my wine geek colleagues. Some find the wines hard to drink, though impressive. While I can understand this perspective with some of the wines, one simply cannot write off the greatness of ZH’s Rieslings, this being a stunning example.

Alsatian Clos

Clos Hauserer lies at the foot of the Hengst Grand Cru and has the same soil type of oligocene marl and limestone. The vines here are almost 40 years old and farmed biodynamically. Apparently the soils create a wine that is naturally high in malic acid, which is certainly noticeable on the cream and silk textured palate.

Truly Exceptional Riesling

This wine pours a very deep golden yellow for a riesling, with a viscosity observable just in the swirl. The aromas are classic petrol and grapefruit intensity with a nice chalky minerality.

This is a ‘wow’ wine. White peach, lemon, kiwi, very mineral density, incredible purity of fruit and very very deep and complex. This is huge, but in my opinion it is probably the best Riesling I’ve tasted from Alsace. You can’t write off ZH as just a producer of opulent wines as these also have real depth and savory minerality. They are also exceptionally expressive of terroir, with the Rieslings at the absolute peak. Full and complete on the palate, very round and balanced and as Jake once said ‘fucking impressive’.

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