Domaine Fouassier “Sur le Fort” Sancerre 2009

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Sancerre has the biggest name in the Loire but often produces the least interesting wines. I opt for Savennieres, Vouvray, Saumur and Muscadet far more often than the generally overpriced sauvignon blancs of Sancerre. Sometimes, however, a winery can come along that challenges these tendencies, and Domaine Fouassier does just that.

Of Soils and Deliciousness

Sancerre is famous for its three types of soils: white chalky soils, limestone and flint. Fouassier categorizes its wines by soil types, with white and brown labels representing grapes grown in two types of limestone soils and grey labels those in flint. The Fouassiers are one of the oldest families in Sancerre and have a large estate extending 53 hectares, which allows them a wide range of wines in various terroirs.

This is extremely expressive wine, but not in that big over the top style that commercial Sancerre is made in. This is minerally wine but also is full of tropical fruit and tang. These are big and expressive on the palate too, and include a nice fairly lengthy finish by Sauvignon Blanc standards. A great food wine and a great wine by itself, this is outstanding for the price and well worth picking up.

Very Good+ to Excellent and Highly Recommended Value
$35 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars


  1. Mimi
    August 10, 2012

    How long can this wine be aged? The 2009.
    Thank you- Mimi

  2. Shea
    August 11, 2012

    Probably a couple years, but this would not be a wine for long term aging as it’s really all about the explosive fruit.

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