Spotlight on Sangiovese: Il Palazzone Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2001

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Another aged wine, and a good comparison to the Castello di Brolio Chianti Classico from the same year. Whereas the Brolio Chianti was quite modern, this is a more traditionally made wine, with long maceration time and four years aging in Slavonian Oak (a minimum of 2 is required by DOCG rules). I find that as a result is has a more complete mouthfeel and better aromatic profile than the Brolio, though it does not quite have the same power and tasty bitterness.

Three Vineyards in One

Palazzone blends three vineyards when making their Brunello. They have a high elevation north facing vineyard with clay soils, a south-facing vineyard with marine fossil soils and a third vineyard with a high mineral content of iron and magnesium in the soil that supposedly lends the grapes there a strong mineral quality.

10 Years of Delicious

Another classic nose: soft cherry, tobacco and licorice root. It is amazing how Sangiovese can change from its brooding slightly awkward self into a far prettier and more elegant creature with the proper age.

The medium body cherry fruit is luscious and yet not rich. The palate is long and highly delicious and the oak adds its two cents but is fully integrated. The texture is velvety but the fine but still grippy tannins represent on the finish. This impressive 2001 is just beginning to show well now and will also do fantastically well with another 5-6 years.

~$100 at BCLDB and Kits Wine


  1. Annie Lau
    November 16, 2011

    How is this possible at LDB? It’s a restricted product and only available at private wine stores and restaurants. Thank you very much for your review!!

  2. Shea
    November 16, 2011

    Well I bought it at the Bute store downtown marked down by 30%. Maybe a restaurant returned it. Ask the liquor board. Nonetheless, a great wine and I hope to taste more vintages in the future.

  3. Weston
    December 11, 2011

    You gotta love finding Restricted wines at the BCLD stores.

    Had this at CinCin last winter, so good!

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