Alban Vineyards Patrina Syrah 2008

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Christmas is a time to open a few nice bottles and my second Christmas day wine was this Syrah from the legendary John Alban. While most of his wines are impossible to find and prohibitively expensive, this wine is merely difficult to find and is actually reasonably priced.

Alban grows his fruit in vineyards in the Edna Valley, which is south of Paso Robles. His sites get considerable cool wind influence from the sea, which intensifies his berries and reduces yields to miniscule levels. His rhone variety wines are amongst the absolute best in California.

Since 2007 Alban has started making this entry level Syrah from young vine estate fruit rather than purchased fruit. The difference shows. This is classically massive wine from the central coast, but there is something just too damn delicious about this Alban to complain. It certainly exemplifies the wine as cocktail criticism of California. But you know what? Sometimes you don’t want food with your wine and some of the old world wines higher in acid don’t fit the craving. This did. I loved it.

$40 USD at K&L Wine


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