Foradori Fontanasanta Nosiola 2009

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Every once and a while you come across a wine that is fully convincing. In my case, it was a frustrated march through three bottles of damaged wine (2 heat damaged high end Alsatian wines due to poor retail storage in BC and 1 corked wine from SF) that led me to the final destination of complete geekdom. That is, an amphora fermented white wine from northern Italy made from an ancient grape called Nosiola.

Perhaps it was the fact that this grape is almost nonexistent, or perhaps it was the confirmation that naturalist wine can be completely varietal, clean and of place, but this Foradori white was an utterly convincing drink. It is the kind of wine that has enticing, complex and unique floral aromatics and much tastiness. Despite its ‘amphora fermentation’ it is not an orange wine, and is entirely clean (speaking both of meticulous wine making and proper shipping conditions – unlike the majority of wine sold in BC). It is not an extremely complex wine, and yet it is also not a basic quaffer. In the end, it is the kind of wine that you could drink forever, which I think is the ultimate criterion for convincing wine.

Foradori is a fascinating producer who is most famous for Teroldego. You can find a great series of videos on the Dressner website (the US importer).

Very Good+ to Excellent
~$40 USD at Arlequin Wine Merchants in SF


  1. John Clerides
    December 20, 2011

    Had a great visit to Foradori years ago, the wines are exceptional, but alas difficult to sell. I do feel the tide is changing and iconoclastic winess are starting to get a following, stay tuned

  2. Shea
    December 21, 2011


    Hope so, because this was not only delicious but the kind of wine you could drink buckets of. A rare combo in these parts.


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