Arnot-Roberts Trousseau Luchsinger Vineyard Clear Lake 2010

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Keeping to the theme of off-the-wall California wines, this Trousseau (rouge) from Arnot-Roberts is absolutely awesome and tastes like a Jura wine from a warm vintage.

Arnot-Roberts is a leader at making cool-climate California wines with weird varieties and natural ferments that you actually want to drink. Everything is varietally true and delicious. Sometimes the wines can get a little strange, but you will never be bored with these guys.

It so happens that this Trousseau is not just geeky, but also delicious and highly quaffable – a perfect red for the weird warm but cold weather we’ve been having in Vancouver lately. Trousseau is a grape indigenous to the Jura region in France (west of Lyon and on the border with Switzerland). Trousseau is difficult to ripen and, according to Oz Clarke, it “is believed by some authorities to be the same as Portugal’s Bastardo and the Cabernet Gros of Australia”. This wine is all tomato stem meets strawberry, earth and leaves. This is juicy, delicious wine that is easy to drink but has interest and complexity. I highly recommend it for the adventurous. 12.6% ABV.

Very Good+
~$35 at Arlequin in SF


  1. thomas and mary schmitz
    January 14, 2014

    Please help with food combination to make the 2012 Trousseau North Coast wine taste at its best.

  2. Shea
    January 14, 2014

    Try roast fowl or Pork dishes.

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