Planeta Carricante 2010

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I love rediscovered obscure varieties. In the hands of a good producer they often taste fascinating and cost a fraction of the price of well known wines. Today’s example is Carricante, a white grape indigenous to Eastern Sicily and planted by Planeta on the slopes of Mount Etna.

This is the second vintage ever of this wine from Planeta who has decided to explore the potential for white wine on Etna, a region much more famous for its reds. This bottle is an excellent example of the potential and, as the vines age, I have no doubt this project will get even more exciting.

This is a steely, mineral driven wine without makeup. It is delicious in that elemental way of those transparent varieties that fare well without the tricks and distractions in the winemaker’s tool kit. This is also a citrusy, high acid wine that yet has quite a bit of richness. The richness comes across as entirely fresh, however, given the very high acids. Everything is in balance and the wine is bone dry.

Another perfect sushi wine, but it will also go with a huge variety of food.

Very Good+
$35 at BCLDB


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