Teobaldo Cappellano “Pie Rupestris” Barolo 2003

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You, reader, need to pay attention to this wine. Traditionalist Barolo of a quality similar to Giacamo Conterno at ¼ of the price and 10 times the obscurity. It is also the sort of wine that is becoming increasingly difficult to find even as it evokes some of the most haunting aromas possible. Perhaps most astonishingly, Teobaldo (who passed away in 2009) asked wine critics not to review his wines ever, and this request has been respected. As such, this wine has never been scored by a single wine critic or writer in the world. It is perhaps the wisest wine I know.

This is the antithesis of old fashioned wine. What does ‘traditionalist’ mean? Well Cappellano (now Teobaldo’s son Augusto) respects the power of his fruit over the wizardry of the cellar. Incredible attention to detail in the vineyards means much of the work is done once the wine hits the cellar (much like any great writing is wrought through tortuous thinking and rethinking long before pen hits paper)

Nebbiolo for the Gods

Tasting notes are sentence fragments: aromas of tree resin, dark cherry, incense. Extremely fine wine. Yes.

We are lucky in B.C. to drink the wines from Cappellano thanks to Sedimentary Wine (who are breaking so much new ground in wine imports in B.C. it’s not funny). There are many many wine lovers in markets around the world who will never get their hands on this, let alone see it on the store shelf. This has my highest recommendation. For more information, check out Sedimentary’s webpage on Cappellano.

No Score as per Cappellano’s wishes
~$80 at Kits Wine

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