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I tend toward drinking wine over beer these days. I find beer can be hard to digest, is overly filling and wears on my palate somewhat more than wine. I am particularly sensitive to those beers which are overly bitter from hops or sweet from malts. Those beers with high alcohol are difficult to enjoy beyond a few sips. In other words, beer, like wine, needs balance.

However, there are those beers that hit all the right notes. Upright tends to make beers in this category and I generally enjoy everything they do. The Pure Wit, a slightly sour wheat beer brewed with coriander, orange peel and oats, is a superbly crafted summer beer perfect for the heat. It possesses the requisite balance, a summer friendly 4.5% abv, and a reasonable price. I sipped it on a very hot summer day while reading the addictive fantasy epic the Darkness that Comes Before – a perfect pairing. Upright continues to be on my list of top breweries.

Excellent and Highly Recommended Value
$12 at Brewery Creek


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