Teutonic Wine Company November Harvest Maresh Vineyard Pinot Gris 2011

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Let’s talk Oregon, Portland style. You know, weird. But also wonderful.

Teutonic Wine Company is doing wonderful things with the forgotten high elevation cool climate sites in Oregon. They are making counter-culture wine in a low-alcohol, high acid, residual sugar embracing style.

I first tasted this wine at an event hosted by winemaker Barnaby Tuttle at Portland’s awesome Liner and Elsen wine shop. Tuttle described the wine as Pinot Gris Spatlese, and I’d say that is a fully accurate description. This bottle is truly speculative – perhaps what Pinot Gris would be like if grown in the Mosel: highly aromatic across the complete Pinot Gris spectrum of pear, apple and spice and a dazzlingly bright and fresh palate with a mouth watering, sweet and sour finish. This is a wonderful wine that is easy to drink and perfect for a mid-week meal at its shocking 9.8% abv.

I think Teutonic are making some of the best whites in Oregon, and these certainly demand attention from Sommeliers for the superb food pairing prowess and excellent pricing. I hope someone brings these up to Vancouver.

Excellent and Highly Recommended Value
$18 at Liner and Elsen


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