Greenstone Shiraz Heathcote 2008

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I have a mission to taste more Aussie wines from the smaller artisanal producers working in the lesser known regions, which are now greatly underappreciated and often represent a good value access to wines with unique character.

This Shiraz is from the Heathcote region, which is part of Victoria, located north of Melbourne. Heathcote is home to the oldest soil in Australia, at 500 million years – Cambrian pulverized rock. Along with the Cambrian soils you will also find granite and silty gravel.

A wine with fresh, fruity aromatics all the way from black fruits to dark cherry. The wine has nice body with fruit now driving the wine but, thankfully, with restraint. Savory elements come through on the finish, making this an interesting shiraz that is distinctly Australian but less bombastic than what we’ve become familiar with here. My largest complaint is that the wine comes across fairly disjointed and the alcohol is a bit unbalanced despite the fact it is only 13.5%. Thus, while interesting, it is not worth the price charged in this market.

Very Good
~$50 at Kits Wine


  1. Henry
    November 11, 2012

    Hi Shea,
    glad to hear you will be searching out some lesser known Aussie wines. This winery has a unique Canadian connection as I believe born & raised Canadian David Gleave MW co-founded this winery. Just finished my last bottle of the ’06 version of this & found a very similar profile. While I paid $32.00/bottle a few years ago here in Calgary & the ’08 release is still less than you are paying there, I agree that more interesting Aussie wines are out there for the same or less money.

  2. Shea
    November 11, 2012

    Henry, what are your standout producers at that price point?

  3. Henry
    November 12, 2012

    Hi Shea,
    For me, Best’s certainly tops the list. Their Bin O Shiraz is a wonderful example of cool climate medium bodied shiraz from the Grampians region of Victoria. Their last few vintages of Riesling have compared favourably to the top Clare valley offerings , and they do a Pinot Meunier that as become a staple at our holiday Turkey dinners. All of the Best’s wines cellar very well also. Tyrrell’s in the Hunter Valley has many great wines also, although they don’t ship most of their top reds here it seems. Although they do, along with Brokenwood, send great Hunter Valley Semillon to Canada. Rolf Binder in Barossa also have great range of mid-priced wines that stay away from the Barossa stereotype. Guilty pleasure would have to be Glaetzer wines. Their top wines are getting up there in price but I still remember a 2005 Godolphin as a seminal experience that really got me into wine. Glaetzer may be seen as your typical Barossa fruit bomb but they manage to keep a touch of elegance even in their monsters of ridiculous concentration.

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