Spotlight on White Burgundy: Domaine La Soufrandiere Macon-Vinzelles “Le Clos de Grand-Pere” 2010

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The Bret Brothers name is synonymous with quality and consistency in the Maconnais. The Bret Brothers own both a negocient business, eponymously named, and their own estate, Domaine La Soufrandiere in Pouilly-Vinzelle. Wines from either label are nearly guaranteed to be very high quality and are amongst the very best of this southerly region of Burgundy.

Vintage and Chardonnay

Vintage is an essential factor in Burgundian Chardonnays, and profoundly influences the flavour of the wine. Many make the mistake of labelling all Maconnais wines as opulent. However, vintage plays a huge factor in that statement and it is unreasonable to expect similar results from the relatively hot 2009 vintage compared to the wet and difficult 2010 vintage. In 2010 most wines in the Maconnais have far greater acid levels and, accordingly, tend to be more vibrant and less voluptuous compared to 2009.

An Acid Forward Chardonnay

Domaine La Soufrandiere makes cuvees from several plots in Pouilly-Vinzelle, with this wine coming from a Clos situated just south of the town of Vinzelle on east facing clay and limestone vineyards. The vines average 50 years of age. The Bret Brothers farm biodynamically, hand pick and whole berry press.

This wine has much higher acid and firmer structure than the 09 Maconnais chardonnays I’ve had. 2010 seems to offer an impressive amalgam of brightness and intensity. This should age very well in the medium term and is a wonderful counterpoint to the opulent 2009’s. While very good now, I think this wine needs another year to fully settle, though it is recommended and I would buy more to lay down for mid-term drinking. It paired excellently with prosciutto wrapped chicken breast stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and coated with pesto.

Very Good+ to Excellent
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