Occhipinti sp68 Nero d’Avola e Frappato 2011

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The new vintage of Occhipinti is here and it’s fantastic. A blend of Nero d’Avola and Frappato that drinks more like Burgundy than anything coming from Italy’s famous southern island, this Sicilian wine is bright, fresh and juicy.

Occhipinti, of course, has been a key figure in the so-called ‘natural wine’ movement and has been a leading example for this movement for some time. I’m pretty convinced that doesn’t matter anymore as much as the fact that she has embraced a way of making wine in Sicily that is entirely distinct and focused on what she feels to be a more characterful expression of two indigenous grapes.

This wine, made from young vines of about 10 years, sees 30 days of maceration and is fermented and aged entirely in steel vats. Occhipinti uses little sulphur and farms organically.

This is wonderful, guzzlable wine that pairs with a huge variety of foods given its high acid and peppy cherry fruit. Pasta and pizza work perfectly, but so does pork and fowl and any number of creative dishes. A life-affirming gulp.

Very Good+ and Highly Recommended Value
$35 at BCLDB


  1. Greg
    July 28, 2013

    I had this delicious wine while dining at La Quercia. I would love to purchase it, but can’t seem to find it available anywhere in the Metro Vancouver area. The BCLDB doesn’t carry it. Can you help?


  2. Shea
    July 29, 2013

    It is not available year round as these sell out quickly of the LDB signature stores when they arrive each year. You might contact the importer to ask when they come in. I thought the importer was Wine Quest (who imports related winery COS), so maybe start there.

  3. Shea
    August 11, 2013


    I just saw this at Kits Wine Cellar yesterday. I think it’s more expensive than what I paid, but it’s there if you want some.

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