Rigatteri Mirau 2011

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Not many Sardinian wines make it into British Columbia. Besides the Tenuta San Guido project Montessu, I have found nothing of merit in B.C. This is in contrast to our U.S. neighbours. One of my favourite neighbourhood restaurants in San Francisco, La Ciccia, specializes in Sardinian food, including an extensive list of Sardinian wine. The importers Kermit Lynch and Louis Dressner now import a number of very good examples. One of the first proponents of Sardinian wine in the U.S. was John Rimmerman of Garagiste, who was the source of this bottle. My experience with these wines makes me very excited about Sardinian wine and the possibilities for wine growing on the island.

Weird and Wonderful

Rigatteri is not just a Sardinian producer, but is also one that believes in very minimal use of chemicals, including no use of sulphur. Rigatteri is located in the northwest of the Island, which has a fairly temperate, even climate. The wine is made from 100% old vine Cannonau (Grenache).

This is an exciting, unusual wine. It completely upends all the standard preconceptions of Grenache. It commences somewhat volatile, but ultimately mellows and integrates such that the volatility is highly pleasant. Menthol, chinese herbs, singed herbs, laced with preserved berries – this is very compelling juice in its bizarreness. Lean and defined, this weird wine is not for all palates but will engage the curious in an exciting take on both Sardinian terroir and the possibilities of Grenache. About 13.6% ABV.

Very Good+ and Highly Recommended Value
$17 at Garagiste


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