Weinbach Pinot Gris Reserve Particuliere 2010

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There are those producers I drink but rarely discourse upon. Weinbach is of this ilk. However, this Pinot Gris deserves remark, not only to remind me (and you dear readers) of great Alsatian wine, but also because it happens to be one of the truest Pinot Gris I’ve had in some time.

Weinbach – a great producer no doubt – can sometimes veer into overripeness and overpricedness. This example does neither. A perfectly balanced Pinot Gris, with very fresh acidity (not always found in Weinbach, let alone lesser producers), and at the medium tier of the Weinbach hierarchy. Dominated by spice, pear, and other orchard fruit flavours, this wine has concentration and extract levels that you typically only find in great Alsatian producers. But it also has lift, explosive aromatics and a lively, fresh palate. This is textbook Pinot Gris and if you haven’t had a truly great one, this is the place to start. It presents all that other stuff you see on wine lists and at parties in the dingy, insipid, light in which such monstrosities should be presented.

Get thee to Weinbach.

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