Arnaud Ente Meursault “La Seve du Clos” 2006

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Ente is one of the top names in Meursault, and creeping ever closer to the greats such as Lafon and Coche-Dury. While not a premier cru, this tiny plot held by Ente is one of the most interesting in Meursault. Situated at the core of Ente’s holdings in En L’Ormeau clos, the vines for “Le Seve” are over 100 years old, an extreme rarity in Burgundy.

The 2006 vintage produced opulent, forward wines, many of which lack acidity and are already on a downward curve. Not true of this wine, which embraces both the ripeness of the vintage but maintains balance and freshness – an extremely difficult tightrope act to accomplish. This achievement demonstrates how to make world class Chardonnay with ripe fruit, something I wish more New World producers would figure out.

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