Eric Texier Cotes du Rhone 2010

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Texier, a former nuclear physicist, is now one of the leading natural wine producers in the Rhone valley. Texier embraces a fairly low technology approach to winemaking, with hand pruning and harvesting, basket press, open top fermentation with indigenous yeast. However, he is also not afraid of using technology to produce the sort of wine he wants to make: controlling fermentation temperatures and using Carbon Dioxide gas to make wine in a fairly reductive approach.

As for the wine? Personally I love the style. It is exactly what Southern Rhone should be: embracing peppy fruit, but not bothering with pushing hedonism to its limits. Instead, this wine is happy with healthy pleasure. That’s a good thing.

Aromatic, fresh, pepper, game, pretty raspberry and blackberry fruit, but also classically southern Rhone. Easy drinking wine, good with lamb and other game. It does not have the sort of structure and balance you might expect for a wine above $40, but luckily, it’s price point is well below that. This is a wine about aromatics and lightness and is a nice counterpoint to the heady wines of the south.

Very Good
$28 at Kits Wine


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