Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling QbA 2011

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Gunderloch is one of the most prestigious domains in the Rheinhessen. The Domaine’s fame peaked in the 1990’s, but soon after the wines began to suffer and not match their price points. This has turned around and Gunderloch is again producing top quality Rheinhessen riesling on the famous red soils (sandstone, silt, clay) between Nierstein and Nackenheim.

Some of Germany’s Best Terroir

The Rheinhessen is arguably Germany’s hottest wine region these days. While no longer at the apex of Rheinhessen wine making (that honour goes to Keller and Wittmann), Gunderloch is nonetheless producing very high quality wines that express the unique terroir of their Rothenberg vineyards. Part of the house style is very high extract levels. This is achieved through one of the lowest yields in Germany: 45 hl/ha. Fermentations are performed at very low temperatures and, as such, take a very long time. This has helped preserve acidity in the wines, which in the past had issues with entering malo and losing acid balance.

Superb Dry Riesling

This Gunderloch QbA (i.e. dry wine, versus the sweet Pradikat wines) is a “second wine” from the famous Grand Cru Rothenberg vineyard (and made with grapes from that vineyard). In other words, this is not the Grosses Gewachs version. The original price of this wine at the BCLDB was atrocious given it sells for about 15-20 euros in Germany. Nonetheless, the wine is absolutely delicious and at the $55 sale price easily beats competition in the dry Riesling category in the BC market.

Fermented completely dry, this is powerful riesling with a huge fruit character. It is savory and mouthwatering too, but it is the potency that distinguishes the wine and impresses. You can expect a wine with balance and a full range of orchard and citrus flavours, each at ideal ripeness.

$80 at BCLDB (now on sale for $55)


  1. Joe Chaput
    January 12, 2014

    I am of the opinion that this wine has been incorrectly priced by the BCLDB. This is only a QBA. A 2011 spatlese is available at the SAQ for $40. I would predict that this wine should sell for +/- $25.

  2. Shea
    January 12, 2014

    It’s either the LDB or the agent, but it is certainly much more than it should be. At least the sale price makes it more in line with what you’d expect in BC. The US price for this wine ranges from $15-$25. Thus, I’d say it should sell here for about $30-$45 regular price. It’s still better than most $55 Rieslings around town, though if we had a wider selection that would not be true.

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