Occhipinti SP68 Bianco Terre Siciliane 2012

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While you will find the SP68 red in Vancouver, I had to travel to Seattle to find this white at Matt Dillon’s new restaurant Bar Sajor (superb). This is remarkable stuff. A blend of the indigenous Sicilian grapes Albanello and Moscato di Alessandria, the wine is extremely aromatic, with complex florals and orchard fruit notes, and silky on the palate, which a soft texture you might associate with a less acidic wine.

This wine enters wine geek territory in its unusualness, but it is also quite enjoyable and has plenty of fruit along with the stranger aspects, which are likely explained by the 15 day maceration. Otherwise, the grapes are farmed organically in red sand and chalk soils, and the wine is aged in steel for six months and in bottle for one. It would be great to see this brought into Vancouver for the summer as it is a great aperitif wine and will also work well with lightly prepared seafood.

Very Good+ to Excellent
$25 at Esquin Seattle and Highly Recommended Value


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