Pierre Peters Rosé ‘for Albane’ Champagne n/v

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Pierre Peters’ Blanc de Blancs are some of the best in Champagne. Being known for Chardonnay, however, means few know of the producer’s recent foray into rosé Champagne, using purchased Pinot Meunier and a dash of Chardonnay added after the saignee process.

Personal Biases

I confess I am not a huge fan of most rosé Champagne, often because most come across sweet as many producers dosage is quite high in these wines. I prefer either the linear, mineral driven style of young blanc de blancs or the yeast and autolysis masterpieces along the lines of Krug or aged blanc de blancs. There are, of course, exceptions, such as the beautiful fruit driven Pinot Noir based Champanges of Cedric Bouchard or Coessens. But rosé has never quite made the cut for me.

Good, Not Great

In some ways this is unusual rosé Champagne, in others it is typical. It is a fruity, soft wine like you would expect but the aromatics seem slightly more mineral than expected, likely from the Chardonnay. The finish is long and the wine very tasty, though I found the bead a bit coarse and lacked persistence. An enjoyable wine that paired quite well carbonara, though it did not excite me as much as I’d expected and doesn’t rise to the level of my favourite rosé’s such as Franck Pascal.

Very Good+
~$90 at Kits Wine


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