Villa Matilde Taurasi 2007

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I enjoy ‘modern’ Italian wines that understand how to be approachable but that don’t let go of their fundamental Italianness. This 100% Aglianico is precisely that sort of wine.

Villa Matilde is one of the top producers in Campania, and known for excellent wines from indigenous grapes, both white and red.

Galloni writes that this wine loses some of the pure sense of variety. I’d agree to a point, but do not think anyone experienced would fail to recognize this as Aglianico, for its tarry, rustic but potently fruity character is quite identifiable in this wine. What is tamed is the roughness and tannin of the grape, which makes this drink stunningly well right now, an age at which most Aglianico would be too young to properly enjoy.

This wine, on the other hand, is elegant, complex, structured and food friendly. It’s fruit is highly expressive and delicious in the most basic Italian way – bitterness with fruity exuberance. I highly recommend this wine as an excellent value in its price category. If only they’d do something about the label, which looks like it belongs on $10 plonk.

$60 at BCLDB


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