Champagne Day: Jean Milan Terres de Noel

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Jean Milan is the bomb. It’s not hard drinking one of my favourite producers in Champagne, and the Terre de Noel is, I think, his best bottling. Founded in 1864, this Oger based domaine is all old-vine, and all goodness. While the average age of the vines is 42 years, the Terre de Noel vines are 70 years old and 100% Chardonnay.

This is pretty much an ideal blanc de blancs. There is little point writing more as anyone in the know has already purchased these. If you are into old-school, perfectly delineated and delicious pure Chardonnay Champange, this is one of your top choices that is not Salon (along with Larmandier-Bernier, Vouette et Sorbee, Pierre Peters, and Chartogne-Taillet).

Excellent to Excellent+
~$100 at Kits Wine (also available through Trialto/Liquid Art)


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