Two Elysian Pumpkin Beers

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photoI will have some articles coming soon on Portugal where I am visiting Porto and the Douro valley. In the meantime, enjoy this very quick note on two excellent seasonal beers. I nearly always hate pumpkin beer. Too sweet, insipid, soap-like use of spice. I’ve tried a bunch, nevertheless, and there are none from B.C. that are any good right now.

That said, Elysian, an otherwise decent but not amazing brewery from Seattle, makes some of the best pumpkin beers around. This year’s pumpkin stout is particularly excellent with lots of spice and chocolate malts, but finishing dry. The Night Owl is classic pumpkin ale that has enough weight and flavour but also avoids being overly sweet. Both are recommended for the remainder of October if you are in the Jack-O-Lantern mood.

Very Good for the Night Owl Pumpkin Ale (purchased at the BCLDB)

Very Good+ for the Dark O’ The Moon Pumpkin Stout (purchased at Brewery Creek)



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